We’re hiring fall funmakers!

We’re hiring fall funmakers!

We are now hiring new members to join the Girls on the farm this Fall!  Working with the Dunneback Girls is the hardest, fun job you’ll ever have.  We are in the business of growing delicious fruits & veggies and bringing everyone’s neighbors, friends & family on the farm to share in the joy of the Fall Harvest season.  Your job is to ensure our guests have the best day ever spending time picking fruit & making lifelong memories.


As one of the farm’s team players,  you interact directly with people looking for a family-friendly adventure while picking apples & pumpkins, testing their navigational skills in the corn maze or just relaxing together while enjoying fresh donuts & cider. They’ve planned their outing; driven an hour or more; and they are planning to spend the day with us.  All they need is a little help from you!  It’s our job to make sure each guest, young and old, receives the amazing experience they came for. This means throughout their entire visit to the Farm, we MUST make sure all their questions are answered, assist them with finding what they need, go the extra mile to lend them a hand, provide them with a safe, clean environment and work extra hard to guarantee they are having a great time. It’s really simple, all we have to do is take care of them. Sounds fun?


If it doesn’t, DON’T apply for a job. Every year we have more applicants than we can possible hire, so if you’re not up for smiling and helping people for five or eight hours, then don’t take it personally, but we don’t need you. Fair enough?


Every day and every job is different. Some days are slower and we can get to know our guests, taking a minute to laugh and cut-up with them. Other days are action-packed and seems to go by in a flash. We offer flexible schedules for our Stay-At-Home Moms, Students, Retired Adventure Seekers and Second Job Weekend Warriors. We have indoor and outdoor tasks; more physical and less physical tasks; more interaction and less interaction tasks.


Sound like something you’d like to try? Then complete the application form located on the Contact Us webpage & put your name in to be considered for the Dunneback Fall team.


All ages welcome from 14 & up.